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Alzata Florence


Alzata Florence, better known as Pastor Alzata, serves double duties as the Senior Pastor of Fellowship of Faith Christian Center in Opelika, Alabama, and the 1st Lady of Tabernacle Baptist Church, in Eufaula, Alabama. She is truly a lady of many talents, called by God to shepherd His people. Her love for God’s people radiates through her actions as she spreads God’s word throughout the world. She also worked for her beloved city of Opelika for fourteen years in the customer service field.


Pastor Alzata holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from Gospel Ministry Outreach Institute (GMOR) and is currently seeking a certificate in Christian Counseling. A prolific speaker and true worshipper of God, she was elevated from Pastor to Apostle in 2016. 

Her ‘first’ book, Strength for the Journey, a story of strength and survival through the pain of abuse and the healing power of God, was published in 2018. Pastor Alzata is the host of “The You Better Say That” talk show where she dialogues with people from all around the world about truth, and the power of agreement and validation. “You Better Say That!” has been trademarked as part of her amazing brands. This talented lady is also the CEO of Alzata Treasures, LLC., and the Founder of her newest, revolutionary invention, GrouPixx Inc.


Her motto: “It’s not what people say or think about you, it’s what God says and thinks about you,” is the driver behind her desire to push everyone to be their best, and to see them succeed in their God-given assignments. Her passion is intercessory prayer and working in her community. She is an advocate for hurting women and is on her way to becoming a mental health awareness ambassador, to speak for those who do not have a voice and ensure that no individual or family is alone on their mental health journey.

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Pastor Alzata resides in Opelika, Alabama with her husband, Chief Apostle Eugene Florence with whom she has been married for thirty-one years. They have five children April, Danielle, Deron, Keirra, and Caleb, and eight grandchildren. 


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